Go Karts

20 min
Satisfy your need for speed with our hi-octane go karts!
Type of attraction
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: Driver (must be 58") / Passenger (must be 40") / Fully enclosed shoes required for the Go-Karts
Satisfy Your Need for Speed Out on Our Go Kart Track!

Want to satisfy your need for speed? Hop into one of our high-octane go karts for some wind-in-your-hair excitement! There’s not a safer setting for kids and adults alike to enjoy some racing fun together.

Go kart racing at Mountasia Marietta offers the perfect adrenaline-pumping adventure for visitors of all ages. Buckle up and push the pedal to the metal as you zoom around hairpin turns, speedy straightaways, and banked curves. The quarter-mile track offers a real-life racetrack setting with plenty of space for multiple racers. Each go karting session lasts for five minutes, and with unlimited passes, you can enjoy back-to-back sessions. 

Want to race solo or alongside a companion? You can choose between a single-seater or a double seater go kart. All drivers must be at least 58” or taller, and passengers must be at least 40” tall. Our go kart experience is designed to be perfectly safe. Go karts are sturdy with integrated safety mechanisms, and each racer is snugly buckled into the vehicle.

Go kart racing is the perfect group activity. If you’re visiting Mountasia Marietta with your friends, family, classmates, or coworkers, gather everyone at the outdoor go karts for some team-building fun. Put your friends and family to the test to see who can go the fastest!  

Just one session simply isn’t enough. You’ll want to race around the track again and again to enjoy Mountasia Marietta go karts to the fullest! Browse the various ticket and pass options to find the one best-suited for your visit. You can opt for a single session, a 2-hour unlimited pass, a 4-hour unlimited pass, or an All-day unlimited pass. 

What are you waiting for? An unforgettable day filled with speedy, adrenaline-pumping fun awaits you at the go karts at Mountasia Marietta! 

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